Soft Drinks

SPARS Beverage Equipmentis a market leader in the installation and service of post mix and other soft drink dispensing equipment though out the Hunter and Central Coast regions. We offer complete customer owned post mix solutions, allowing you to purchase soft drink syrup from independent suppliers ensuring the profit goes into your pocket. Self-contained countertop post mix units are a space saving, energy efficient alternative that allows up to 6 flavour options with a small bar footprint.

The under counter or remote system has the chiller under the bar or connected via a python and can be placed a distance away with the syrups and gas supply when bar space is at a premium. The dispenser can then be fitted to the bar by way of either a tower or a gun.

Frozen carbonated beverage dispensers are very popular with food outlets and convenience stores as a proven way to boost beverage sales. Available in 2, 3 or 4 barrels,these units come in countertop or on a stainless steel cart with castors for ease of movement.

We can also install chilled water fonts on the bar for complimentary water that uses filtered and chilled water from the post mix system.
Our experienced staff can service most soft drink dispensing equipment on site and we offer a Quality Assurance programme that ensures the longevity of your dispensing equipment, maximising your profits and delivering the best possible product to your customers.