Whether you are thinking of a new or a redesign of your beer dispensing equipment, SPARS will be pleased to provide advice and help in designing your system and bar space. We offer an obligation free discussion and site meeting to assist you with choosing the best option for your venue.

Maryville Hotel
12 way Ladder font in aged copper

Parry St Garage
8 way Brauhaus in gun metal grey
with matching Perlick 630 tap bodies
SPARS will take your design and engineer a system that is efficient and cost effective. We source the best suited equipment from manufacturers and wholesalers to help maximise your profits and deliver the best quality beer to your customers.
Enhance the character of your bar by adding a bespoke beer font and create a unique point of difference or choose from our standard range of stainless steel fonts in an array of metallic finishes like chrome, brass and copper in either aged or satin.

Kantara House,Green Point
2 x 2 way tee bars in black chrome

Composite beer & soft drink system
New to our portfolio are composite beer and soft drink dispensing systems using one chilling unit for both products. For the Licenced venue this very reliable method saves both precious space and energy, and is a great low cost option for venues such as restaurants, small bars and venues with limited space. Most do not even require a keg room! Contact us for an obligation free chat and onsite visit.


Behind the scenes, the best beverages emerge from a clean and organised keg room and cellar. Good design is essential for efficiency and safety and our experience in designing and re-organising these back-of-house areas will ensure the safety of your staff and best quality beverages being dispensed. SPARS only uses stainless steel fittings and components in our design to ensure your beers aren?t tainted by contaminates from worn brass fittings on wash-outs and keg couplers.
We can save you up to 65% of your beverage gas usage by installing beer pumps and compressed air on your system ensuring only CO2 comes in contact with the contents your kegs. Your post mix syrup pumps can also run off the compressor saving you even more money.

SPARS will ensure your installation is compliant with AS5034 along with the correct safety signage and labelling. We can install and service your CO2 monitor and vent lines, CO2 regulators and fittings.
Keep you beer lines and fittings clean with a BractonDosatron beer line cleaning system using the renowned 2 part Bracton cleaner or the NEW Bracton Craft beer line cleaner which is a safe, single part alternative. Tap and coupling cleaners and soakers are also available from our E-store along with service kits and spares.